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 Smoking Zombie Incense Burners 

The original Smoking Zombie
Totenkopf Zombie Incense Burner

Smoking Zombies Incense Burners

Zombie Nurse Incense Burner

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Our Smoking Zombie incense burners are unique because they blow columns of incense smoke through the Zombies' mouths and sometimes through wounds on the head and face. 

Each Zombie in our line is cast from a hand carved original piece of Zombie art.  After casting, each Zombie is drilled and cut for incense smoking and then hand painted in four separate stages resulting in a unique, one of a kind Smoking Zombie.

Smoking Zombies Incense Burners Include:

  1. Incense Burner Base
  2. Toxic Drum Stand
  3. Zombie Head
  4. (5) Incense Cones

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